New Spray Foam Gun for Spray Foam, Polyurea, and Plural Components Coatings

New and used spray foam guns with quick change pattern control tips

We offer a full line of PMC and Graco spray guns including; AP-3, AP-EX and Fusion spray guns.

PMC offers technology that has revolutionized the Plural Component industry in their design of the AP-3 Spray Gun by combining rapid trigger response, superior atomization, quick change spray pattern size to output combination, resulting in longer spray times. PMC (Polyurethane Machinery Corporation) spray guns are the cheapest, most efficient guns in the industry.

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Graco spray guns offer innovative technology and great performance. Just like PMC spray guns, the Fusion spray gun is a plural component system.

PMC also offers an extended pole gun designed with the AP2 as it’s core – allowing the applicator to reach 10 feet or more, minimize overspray, and reduce spray time by 30% or more. Read about the AP-EX Extended Pole Gun.

The AP-3 Spray Gun has been designed for the ultimate spray application performance!

The AP-3 is ergonomically designed for a firm ultra light fitting (2.4bs W/O coupling block). Within its trigger and air cylinders, straight forward air ports and short trigger stroke allow for a very powerful and rapid response ensuring a full spray pattern with every shot. Polyurethane Machinery Corporation’s two piece combination mixing chambers and quick change Pattern Control Tips (PCT) are precision drilled to uniquely and uniformly blend your product mix, creating superior atomization while maintaining your spray pattern in full.

The option to quickly change the PCT provides the spray mechanic a choice to change spray tip and size without disassembly of the spray gun allowing more time spent spraying and perfecting skills for consistency and aesthetically pleasing profiles resulting in top quality applications!

In product testing for military and marine applications the products meet and exceeded chemical manufactures expected physicals property requirements. Flow back check valve separates the fluid portion from the dry side of the gun eliminating material cross contamination into the air passages of the air cylinder and trigger handle assembly! Mixing chamber ball and socket connection makes for fast change out and eliminates the screw type assemblies! Right out of the box, you can have it spraying in no time at all.

The AP-3 is simple to operate, easy to service and does not require end of day disassembly which makes for end of day shut down take just seconds!

Unique Features

  • Design: Simplified heavy duty design components have longer life span and are inexpensive to replace, providing the best value over other designs!
  • Rapid Trigger Response: Easy to access, straight forward air ports and short trigger stroke allows for a very powerful and accelerated rapid trigger response action, ensuring immediate spray pattern development!
  • Crossover Protection Design: Purge air check valve eliminates cross over material in the air cylinder and trigger handle assembly!
  • PCT Precision Air Flow Design: Reduces rapped build up in front of the spray tip orifice!
  • Multiple PCT Nozzles: Round Spray, Flat Spray, Pour/Cast, and Extension Tip Spray (Known as the Blaster) for the hard to reach areas specifically engineered for the interior spray foam insulation market!
  • Universal Manual Valves: Manual Valve assembly adapts to existing types of coupling block assemblies!
  • Manufacturer’s 1 Year Warranty: PMC proudly stands behind their product lines and provides the industry’s best service and support!
  • Newly Designed Mixing Chambers: Ball and socket connection makes for fast change out and elements set screw assemblies!
  • Quick change PCT (Pattern Control Tip): Allows the contractor to change spray pattern size without disassembly of the spray gun, giving the spray applicator more precise application combinations!
  • Mixing Chamber and PCT Combination: Advance design for pattern development and mixing provides superior atomization!
  • Fluid Block: Easy access fluid block makes the mixing chamber change out a breeze!
  • Easy Access A & B Filters: Easy to clean filters with multiple size screen mesh options allow for more consistent material flow for different types of material viscosities!
  • Universal Coupling Block: Quickly adapts to existing types of coupling block assemblies and easily adapts to other types of spray foam and polyurea equipment!
  • Made in the USA!


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Standard Round
Mixing Chamber Kit
Output Inlet Orifice
Cleanout Drill
Nozzle Orifice
Cleanout Drill
GU-814-00 3-6 lb/Min #69 (.102.02)* #56 (.0464)*
GU-814-01 5-9 lb/Min #59 (.041)* #53 (.0595)*
GU-814-02 10-20 lb/Min #56 (.0465)* #51 (.067)*
GU-814-03 12-20 lb/Min #53 (.0595)* #44 (.0861)*
GU-814-04 20-45 lb/Min #50 (.070)* #42 (.0935)*

The Graco Fusion Spray Gun has a Quick-Release Fluid Housing

The Graco Fusion Spray Gun features an easy air-blast tip cleaning which helps to reduce build-up and tip clogging. The gun’s long-lasting side seals means less downtime for maintenance and applicators enjoy a quick-release fluid housing – which lets you easily change the mixing chambers without the use of tools. If you need to remove the front cap, it can be easily removed or replaced by the hand-tightened front cap – no tools are needed to clean and maintain seals and mix chamber.

Unique Features

  • Maximum Fluid Working Pressure: 3500 psi
  • Minimum Air Inlet Pressure: 80 psi
  • Maximum Air Inlet Pressure: 130 psi
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature: 200°F
  • Air Inlet Size: 1/4 npt Quick Disconnect Nipple
  • A Component (ISO) Inlet Size: -5 JIC; 1/2-20 UNF
  • B Component (Resin) Inlet Size: -6 JIC; 9/16-18 UNF
  • Sound Pressure: 81.1 dB(A), using AR5252 at 100 psi (0.7 MPa, 7 bar)
  • Sound Power, measured per ISO 9416–2: 91.0 dB(A), using AR5252 at 100 psi (0.7 MPa, 7 bar)
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 8.1 x 3.3 in
  • Weight: 2.5 lb
  • Wetted Parts: Aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, carbide, chemically resistant o-rings


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We have the spray gun to fit your needs:

The PMC AP-1 series spray guns provide the operator with easy to operate and maintain spray guns that can be used in a variety of applications. These air purge guns provide the operator with simple output changes by simply removing and replacing the appropriate size chamber right from the front of the gun with no gun disassembly required.

The design of these guns allows the applicator to leave the gun connected to the hose set at the end of the day by simply pumping a small amount of grease into the mixing area. Some of these gun’s features include revolutionary 360 degree rotational head allowing hoses to be connected to the top or the bottom of the gun, quick change mixing chamber allows for removal from front of the gun without having to disassemble two different air connection locations, one piece machined mixing chambers and new air cap designed to protect mixing chamber tip.

The PMC Star Gun provides the applicator with a spray gun that has been designed to reduce operator fatigue and facilitate application control. With this aim a new ergonomic gun handle has been developed and placed at the center of balance to equalize weight distribution and provide enhanced stability during the application.

All models include a tool kit with the necessary tools for proper adjustment and maintenance of the gun. Some of this gun’s features include superior mixing, while the mechanical cleaning ensures the complete elimination of reacted material inside the mixing camber. Spray pattern adjustment without having to change the mixing chamber and a powerful air cylinder to facilitate rapid valving.

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