Eco Series Rigs

Available in 12ft, 16ft, and 20ft trailers, our Eco-Series rigs offer turn-key utility

The Eco-16ft-20ft and Eco-B20 Spray Rig Series

If your application requires a small, medium or large turn-key mobile spray rig operation. SprayWorks spray rig systems are engineered to fit any contractor’s needs. The Eco series trailers and box truck spray rigs are spaciously designed, built for production, and well equipped with everything would expect in a turn-key mobile rig.

Eco-16 Series Mobile Spray Foam Rig
Eco-1620 Series Mobile Spray Foam Rig
Eco-20 Series Mobile Spray Foam Rig
Eco-B20 Series Mobile Spray Foam Rig

Other Spray Foam Rigs

Eco-24 Series Mobile Spray Foam Rig
Eco-30 Series Mobile Spray Foam Rig

Shore Power – Spray Foam Trucks and Trailers

The Eco-10 and Eco-B10 series are cost effective ways to get started in the spray foam business maintaining the same quality and craftsmanship featured in our other series rigs. The truck and trailer options feature the PMC classic spray foam or coating machines allowing you the freedom to expand your business as it grows.

Eco-10 Series Spray Foam Rig
Eco-B10 Series Spray Foam Rig
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