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SprayWorks teamSprayWorks Equipment Group is a business development support and equipment supply company at the center of polyurethanes and the polyurea industry. SprayWorks’ team is certified to help businesses like yours and its members have over 100 years of combined spray foam, polyurea, and construction experience.

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SprayWorks was founded in the industrious polymer valley of Ohio and has served as an early pioneer in helping to develop polyurethane and polyurea chemistries. As spray foam and protective coating experts who are passionate about what we do, we take on each day with the intent of helping to define the future of this industry.

SprayWorks Equipment Group is founded by a strong history of mentors and is built with the TEAM concept. We realize that in order for its employees to fulfill the needs of the company, they must have the proper leadership – coupled with the proper TrainingEquipmentApplication, and Materials. Over the past decades, we have created cooperative relationships with our clients by successfully translating their needs into reality. Client satisfaction is the backbone of our reputation – earned through innovative thinking, experienced leadership, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

From proof of concept to production, if your need is training, equipment, application, or materials – SprayWorks is the expert you need.

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