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Understanding your Spray Foam Insulation Material Needs

While the cost of spray foam insulation may initially be higher for homeowners and businesses, because of its durability and reduction in energy costs, opting for spray foam insulation can actually save money in the future. Spray foam insulation is available in two different types: open-celled and closed-cell. Knowing which option is right for your project is essential to accurate application and longevity.

Open Cell Foam Vs. Closed Cell Foam Insulation

Open and Closed CellWhich type of spray foam insulation you chose depends on where you are applying it – interior or exterior – and the R-value you wish to achieve. The R-value is the measurement of the insulation’s resistance to heat flow, and the greater the number per unit thickness, the better it is at keeping air out.

Closed-cell spray foam has a higher R-value than open cell foam, averaging around R-6 and R-3.5 respectively. No matter which spray foam you use, it will always have a higher R-value than traditional fiberglass insulation or blown insulation.

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Interior Vs. Exterior

gallery_03_Rusty_RoofClosed cell foam insulation is stronger structurally, as each cell is packed closer together than in the makeup of open cell foam, making the result harder and denser. Open cell foam is made from tiny bubbles formed by water from the blowing agent (closed-cell uses chemicals) that has broken cells filled with air, meaning the material is softer and more sponge-like. This makes closed-cell foam the ideal insulation for exterior projects, as its structural integrity and water-resistance are perfect for roofs.

Because it’s denser, closed cell spray foam insulation uses more material and is therefore costlier, which is when open cell spray foam comes into consideration. For interior projects that require sound-deadening, open cell foam insulation is preferred as its less expensive and provides better absorbency of noise.

Our spray foam insulation experts are happy to help you determine the appropriate spray foam insulation material that’s right for your project. Determine your application, exposure to water and vapor, and the R-value of each material before you start and ensure your opting for the most cost-effective spray foam for your job.

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