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Complete Roofing System Materials for Polyurethane Spray Roofs

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roofing systemOpting for spray foam insulation for roofing projects is smart. Spray polyurethane is durable, low maintenance, and provides excellent insulation when compared to traditional roofing systems. If you’re looking for other ways to use your spray foam proportioners and rigs, consider the application of spray foam in roofing systems.

Advantages of Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofs

Traditionally, roofing materials consist of built-up tar and gravel, or single-ply, clay, asphalt or metal. Spray foam has become a popular spray foam roofing insulation and polyurethane spray foam material because of its durability and affordability.  There are several benefits to using a spray foam roofing system:

  • Spray foam roofs and polyurea are completely seamless, meaning they are less susceptible to leaks and are not affected from constant expanding and contracting like most roofing materials on the market.
  • Unlike tar and gravel or single-ply roofs, spray foam systems limit the movement of water. Since water will not travel laterally like it does in other roofing materials, in the unlikely event a hole does appear in the thick foam it can easily be repaired.
  • Spray foam also conforms to any size and shape roof.
  • Spray foam results in a 30% energy savings over alternative roofing materials.
  • In certain cases, spray foam roofs can be applied directly over existing substrates such as asphalt, clay, metal, wood, and built-up roofs – with minimal preparation.
  • Applying a spray foam roof is less disruptive to the building’s inhabitants, as tear-off of the old roof is minimal and the project can be completed quicker, quieter, and with less invasiveness than traditional roofing projects.
  • Spray foam requires minimal upkeep, and can last for several decades with proper care.

Which Material is Right for Roofing Systems?

Closed-cell spray foam is most common for roofs, as it has water-resistance properties and a stronger structure. However, when applied with polyurea coatings which increase the resistance of moisture and water vapors, created a water-tight barrier with secure structural strength. No matter the climate, spray foam and coatings can withstand most any beating Mother Nature has to offer.

Typically, roofers use a combination of spray foam and polyurea coatings for protection and durability. Polyurethane spray foam is susceptible to ultraviolet rays from the sun, which is why applying a roofing coating is essential. SprayWorks can assist in getting all the right spray foam roofing insulation materials for your spray foam roofing system.

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Gaco Western

Gaco Western is a recognized leader in innovative silicone roofing systems, and offers best-of-class waterproofing and insulation solutions for a variety of commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

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For over 20 years The Wasser Corporation has established itself as an industry leader in advanced coatings technology with innovative products that provide superior protection to such iconic American structures as the Manhattan Bridge in New York, the Safeco Field in Seattle and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

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Green Insulation Technologies

Green Insulation manufactures a spray foam insulation that uses the maximum amount of renewable/sustainable content whose performance is equal to or superior to petroleum based foam insulation.

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