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ConsultationMany of our customers have great spray foam prospects, Polyurea projects, or ideas – but aren’t quite sure how to handle them. SprayWorks can work with you as construction consultants and be as involved as you need.

With over 100 years of combined experience in spray foam and coatings equipment, application, planning, and training – our team can be trusted to help you navigate any stage of your project.

Types of Projects We Support

Construction Consultants: As construction consultants, we provide expert advice for any stage of your Polyurethane project. From material application and training to contract review and team assembly. SprayWorks’ team can help you navigate through completion.

Construction Cost Estimators: We have experience estimating small and large projects – from as little as a few hundred dollars to millions. No project is too big or too small. We understand the importance of identifying substrate construct, weather barriers, legal and government requirements, and timelines.

Product Testing and Development: If you have a product or service idea you are looking to develop for the Polyurethane or Polyurea industry space – we can help. Even if your product needs to be developed with Polyurethane or Polyurea for its makeup, we can identify structural, testing, OSHA and government compliance, and more.

Where We Provide Our Construction Consultation and Estimator Services

We can help you plan the best way handle your most difficult situations and projects, from anywhere in the United States or Canada. Our team can consist of one or several team members to help support you as a construction cost estimator or construction management partner.

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