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Concrete Lifting Spray Foam Material

Spray Foam Material Ideal for Concrete Leveling and Concrete Lifting Jobs

Spray Foam is being used more and more as an affordable concrete lifting option. SprayWorks Equipment provides quality slabjacking foam for residential and commercial concrete projects. Our foam is a two-component polyurethane system designed for a variety of geotechnical applications. The system is formulated to provide exceptional flow or spread under concrete structures when water is present to create a hydrophobic MDI.

  • Concrete Foundation Repair
  • Concrete Leveling
  • Driveway Leveling
  • Foundation Crack Repair
  • Concrete Slab Lifting
  • Void Fill
  • other Slabjacking and Mudjacking jobs for both residential and industrial

Learn how to choose the right concrete lifting equipment

Our concrete lifting foam is designed for use with high pressure, plural component spray equipment (800-1000 psi) capable of controlling component temperatures to 110°F – 125°F. Optimal spray settings will vary with proportioner, hose dimensions, gun configuration and ambient conditions.

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Material Manufacturers

Delta Urethanes

Delta Urethanes develops and manufactures custom formulations to meet specific application and performance requirements.

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