PMC Air Driven Insulation Foam Machines

Up to 3,000 PSI with up to 310 ft of Hose

PA-frontEfficient and Affordable Machines

If you are just starting out, or need a rig that’s more suited for smaller job requiring a low-output, you may consider an air-driven spray insulation machine. These machines are common among entry-level contractors and startups or residential insulation contractors, primarily because they are cost-effective for businesses. Air-driven machines offer efficiency and affordability for a variety of jobs, and deliver a mix of performance and value.

SprayWorks has an expansive line of air-driven spray foam insulation machines, so you can choose the one that’s right for your job and business. These machines need an air compressor, which makes them ideal for use in plants where on-site compressors already exist.

Air-driven insulation foam machines can offer outputs of up to 30 lbs/min, and a pressure rating maximum of 3,000 psi. The higher-pressure machines are recommended for use in coating applications. The common standard for heating capacity in air-driven spray foam machines ranges between 6 to 15 kW, depending on the type of application that the proportioner is used for.

The pneumatic technology in which these air-driven rigs are based on is known to be reliable, as it has been in use for decades. It employs the simplest technology of using a single motor to power two pumps. These machines are considered easy-to use, as the applicator trigger is designed to maintain a consistent pressure ration when squeezed.

Like all our spray foam insulation machines, our air-driven proportioners are manufactured by PMC, and can be used in either spray foam insulation or other polyurea coatings. We offer single phase and 3 phase proportioners, which include the following models. Choose the one that’s right for you!

*Note: Machines with an ‘X’ are used for polyurea coatings, while the others are appropriate for spray foam.

Proportioner Foam Machine for Spray Foam:

  • PA25 (air driven, 2,000 psi, 25lbs./min @ 1250psi, hose length 310 ft., air consumption @ 100 psi 33 scfm, fluid temp. 190°F)

Proportioner Coatings Machine for other Polyurea Applications:

  • PAX25 (air driven, 3,000 psi, 1.3 gal/min, hose length 310 ft., air consumption @ 100 psi 33 scfm, fluid temp 190°F)

We’re happy to help you chose the right proportioner for the job. Contact us today if you have any questions330-587-4141 

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