PMC Compact Residential Insulation Machine

The PF-1600 is PMC’s latest compact machine – designed to easily transport and apply material on residential insulation job sites. The PF-1600 Machine was created with a goal in mind to develop a machine with the lowest amount of air and power requirements possible. Ideal for small residential projects, will maintain flow and temperature in order to fulfill residential application needs. 

PMC PF-1600

Air Operated – Compact Design

  • Compact Design (24x24x32″) can result in smaller less expensive rigs
  • Requires 35% less air consumption than competitive units (15-20 scfm @ 100 psi)
  • Transformer can be mounted on machine or remote mount to conserve space
  • Ideal for residential insulation, slab jacking and bedliners
  • Options for hose lengths from 45′ to 310′
  • Heater options range from 7.5kw to 12kw
  • PF=2000 psi and PFX=3000 psi
  • 16 lbs/min at 1000 psi and #2 chamber
  • CE approved
  • Can be mounted on table top or cart
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Residential Insulation • Slab Jacking • Bedliners

Residential Insulation

Residential Insulation typically includes a variety of spray foam needs including; wall insulation, attic insulation, basement or crawl space insulation, and other home insulation needs. Whether you are spraying open cell foam or closed cell foam – the PF-1600 is a low-cost compact solution for applying material in any residential project. For residential insulation, we recommend the PF-1600 with 90V Trans.

Slab Jacking

Slab Jacking, otherwise known as Concrete Lifting or Mud Jacking, is becoming more and more popular for using spray foam. Typically, hose length requirements are at a minimum – therefore, we recommend the PF-1600 with 70V Trans.


Bedliners, also known as Truck Beds or Truck Liners, can benefit greatly with coatings material applied to the liner. It helps to increase the durability and longevity – especially when regularly transporting large loads. Depending on whether your are spraying bedliners inside a building or outside, will determine your hose length needs. We recommend the PFX-1600 with 70V Trans, which is compatible for up to 210ft of hose, or the 90V Trans, which is compatible for up to 310ft of hose.

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