Used Spray Foam Equipment and Used Coating Equipment

Used equipment can work just as well as new

Whether you’re looking to start out in the business or considering trying a new piece of equipment but don’t want to buy it new, used spray foam insulation equipment may be your best bet. The key to getting quality used equipment is for the distributor to complete a thorough inspection of each piece. At SprayWorks, we conduct stringent quality checks of every piece of used spray foam insulation equipment, and assign a rating to help you make the best choice for your needs.

Be assured that no matter what you purchase, from our new inventory or our used spray foam equipment, you’re always getting the best product. We apply a specific set of tests developed from our years of expertise and understanding of spray foam and polyurea equipment.

Many of our used spray foam rigs and other equipment originates from the plural component spray guns used in the polyurethane foam insulation industries, including open and closed cell and roofing foam sprays and coatings like polyurea, polyurethane and more.

Our used spray foam equipment inventory includes:

  • Used single and plural component spray guns
  • Used hoses
  • Used drum heaters
  • Used proportioners and reactors
  • Used drum mixers
  • Used transfer pumps
  • Used rigs and trailers

Every piece of equipment is applied a professional quality rating as follows:

Our inventory stock changes daily, and all items may not be listed online. Call us today to find the perfect used spray foam insulation equipment for your job.

  • Great: like new, very little use
  • Used: overall condition is good
  • Fair: worn, but still functional

Whether it’s the full spray foam gun, or specific hoses or mixers, used parts can be just as functional as brand new equipment. You don’t have to compromise functionality for price, and by buying used from us, you’ll never have to worry about not getting quality products.

Before you tackle your next spray foam insulation project, check out our inventory of used equipment, including used spray foam rigs, to update your current tools or replace missing or worn parts. SprayWorks offers quality used spray foam equipment at affordable prices, so you can get the job done right without breaking the bank.