Automated Spray Robots

Spray Robots are relatively new to the industry of single and plural component application. SprayWorks Equipment has developed automatic spray machines to simplify material application and create precise accuracy within a few mils. Our spray robots are designed to work with a small two-person crew.

What kind of automatic spray machines are available?

Foam Robot

The original Spraybot was designed with the commercial roofing industry in mind – but quickly expanded to all flat substrates with Open Cell Foam, Closed Cell Foam, and Polyurea. It’s 62″ wide pass, allows a consistent spray with adjustable gun height from 12-36″. Read more about the Spraybot.

Coatings Robot

The new Coaterbot, release in 2019, was designed as a result of industry need. The Coaterbot is the only precision coatings and spray foam applicator in one. With an end-pass rotation, the Coaterbot is ideal for a variety of applications including; foam, coatings, Polyurea, Roof CTG, Floor CTG, Primary & Secondary Containment. Read more about the Coaterbot.

Why Should You Consider Automatic Spray Robots?

  • Increased yield by 10% or more
  • Operates with a two-man team
  • Mechanical or Computer controlled
  • Precise application with a wider pass than allowed by hand
  • Decreased worker fatigue