PPE Equipment and Safety Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment, also known as PPE, is a vital part to safe Polyurethane application. Not only does it prevent serious lung, skin, and other health reactions – but PPE is required by OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration). OSHA will administer some serious fines if your job site and employees are not safety compliant.

All personal protective equipment should be safely designed and constructed, and should be maintained in a clean and reliable fashion. It should fit comfortably, encouraging worker use. If the personal protective equipment does not fit properly, it can make the difference between being safely covered or dangerously exposed.OSHA

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Types of PPE and Safety Equipment

Respirator Mask and Replacement Respirator Parts – A Respirator Mask serves to protect inhalation of chemicals as well as eye protection. When a full face mask is used, eye goggles are not needed. Full face masks with fresh air are required in any confined space and many other spaces. Half masks are available for certain outdoor projects. Check with OSHA for complete eye protection and respirator requirements.

Fresh Air Systems – SprayWorks offers a complete Two-Man System by Allegro. Fresh Air Systems provide the safest protection for you when spray foam and other Polyurethane chemicals are being used. Because spray foam, in particular, has small particles that can easily travel, it’s imperative that your face and skin are protected.

Spray SuitsSpray Suits are a necessity for any spray job – providing skin protection for chemicals.

Overspray Removal – Having a clear view of your project site is imperative to safety. Overspray Release allows you to easily wipe foam from your Respirator Mask without the pesky removal of stickers.

Safety Equipment

If you need more information on how PPE should be used on your specific job type, you can read more on OSHA’s website.

Learn more about material safety by reading the manufacturer’s SDS.