Spray Painting and Coating Equipment

Roof Rigs, Coating Guns, and Paint Pumps

SprayWorks offers a full range of air powered pumps, gas-powered, electric powered and hydraulic piston sprayers. Titan’s tireless workhorse sprayers incorporate the simplicity, durability and reliability that contractors depend upon to get projects done quickly. Backed by the most powerful warranty in the industry, so tough they are virtually indestructible. Whether your applications include occasional property maintenance or full scale industrial projects, we have a sprayer designed and built for your needs. Add one of these pumps to your mobile spray foam rig, increase profits and take your company to the next level!

 Roof Rigs

Titan Speeflo Commander Titan_Speeflo_Hydra_M_4000 Titan_Speeflo_Hydra_Pro_IV Titan Speeflo Admiral
Titan™ Speeflo®
Commander™ Series 60:1
Titan™ Speeflo®
Hydra™ Series Hydra M™
Titan™ Speeflo®
Hydra™ Series Hydra ProTM IV
Titan™ Speeflo®
Admiral™ Series 60:1

Coating Guns

 Titan S-7 Airless Spray Gun  Titan S-5 Airless Spray Gun  Titan LX-80 Spray Gun Series
 S-7 Airless Gun
Pressure rated at 7700 PSI
 S-5 Airless Gun
Pressure rated at 5000 PSI
 LX-80 Series
Pressure rated at 3600 PSI

Titan’s countless hours of research and development has been devoted to manufacturing a full line of airless spray guns for every application imaginable, from the thinnest lacquers to the heaviest textures and roof coatings.

Paint Pumps

 Titan Advantage EPX2555  Titan XT 420 Paint Pump  Titan Advantage 600 Paint Pump Titan Paint Pumps
 Advantage EPX2555  Titan XT 420  Titan Advantage 600  Titan 440 IX

Built just for your needs, Titan electric airless sprayers are known for their durability and reliability. Brushless Motor – Never wears, never needs replacing. Lifetime Cylinder – minimize repair time and costs. No cylinder replacement ever! Titan delivers a high quality sprayer at a price that any contractor can afford.

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