The AP-EX Spray Gun with Extender Reaches 10 Feet or More

Extended Spray Gun for Scaffolding, Tall Ceilings, and More

APEX Spray Gun

The PMC AP-EX Spray Gun – designed for a longer reach.

For decades, contractors have been using the traditional spray gun to spray foam and coatings chemicals in varying building sizes. It’s a great solution for a small job, but presents a problem with larger jobs or tall ceilings that require re-staging and moving scaffolding or ladders. Not only do hand-held spray guns limit your reach, but you constantly have to clean your respirator mask in order to remove overspray and see the job clearly. Not to mention, the constant back-breaking work from repetitive bending over presents a problem for workers and begins to deplete their work quality throughout the day.

Now, Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) – a trusted manufacturer who manufactures and sources parts only in the USA – has created a solution to not only save time for contractors, but also to safely spray a large area without moving to different parts of the walls, corners, or ceilings with scaffolding. Presenting the AP-EX Spray Gun by PMC, the first spray gun to allow an extended reach of 10 feet or more within a given area. The AP-EX Spray Gun is designed to spray in small or large spaces and tall ceilings – and is perfect for spraying any type of coatings and foam.

The AP-EX Spray Gun reaches 10 feet or more.

Through testing, PMC found that the AP-EX Spray Gun reduces spray time insulating or coating a job by up to 30% or more. This allows the contractor to complete a spray insulation or coatings job much quicker and prevents additional safety hazards from moving the scaffolding  or moving ladders multiple times. Furthermore, you can now reach up to 10 feet or more within a single pass – that’s something unachieveable in the spray foam and coatings industries until now! Imagine standing on your scaffolding and reaching two times the length without having to get multiple team members involved. A wonderful time saver and lightening the workload.

The AP-EX Spray Gun’s extended arm is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It features an adjustable handle that can be moved 360* to suit your individual comfort level – plus its unique angle and length minimizes bending and reaching, which has been known to cause back pain for many contractors. Each AP-EX Spray Gun can be retrofitted to fit an existing PMC AP-2 gun or your gun block can be replaced to fit a Graco Fusion gun. The possibilities are endless!

One of our favorite features of this spray gun is how the gun limits overspray while spraying walls and ceilings. Now, you get more spray foam on the actual pass and less on your respirator mask. This also saves time with having to remove mask covers and replace with covers multiple times during the day. Take a few minutes to review additional features of the AP-EX Spray Gun and learn why this gun is the right fit for you. Click here for more information.

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