How to Store Your Spray Foam Rig

Flushing Out the System

flushing out your spray foam rig

One of the most common reasons rigs come in for repairs is lack of hose recirculation of material or not flushing the material lines, causing a buildup of iso crystals; ultimately damaging hose lines and potentially other equipment. In order to prevent buildup when your rig is shut down for an extended amount of time, recirculating or flushing out the system is imperative. Here, our tech experts share the items needed and steps involved in flushing the material hose connected to your proportioner.  

You will need:

  • 5-10 gallons of Dyna lube and Hydraulic Fluid (depending on hose length)
  • Two 5-Gallon Buckets (or one per pump)
  • Screens for straining
  • Hydraulic Fluid  

Step 1: Remove your pumps from the material

When removing your pumps from the drum, drain any excess material from the pump into the material barrel and lay the pump on a piece of cardboard to protect the floor.  Clean off excess material with carb cleaner. Repeat with any other pumps.

Step 2: Store your pump in Dynalube

Once clean, fill one bucket with Dynalube and place the pumps in one of the buckets.

Step 3: Flush your machine

Use a small mesh screen on the second bucket to catch loose debris, turn your machine heaters on while the machine is flushing with Dynalube. Catch any debris with the mesh screen.

Step 4: Repeat if necessary

Repeat step 3, as necessary, for heavy build up on your machine.

Step 5: Flush with Hydraulic Fluid

Repeat step 3 with hydraulic fluid. Remove pumps from buckets when complete.

Step 6: Final cleaning

Clean the pumps once more with carb cleaner and place them in a tub holder with Dynalube or replace back into the material drum.

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Dan Biddle is Service Manager at SprayWorks Equipment. His extensive knowledge of machines and equipment allows him to lead our service and support team in helping our customers' with a variety of equipment.

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