The Truth About Buying Used Spray Foam Rigs

When faced with the decision to acquire spray foam rigs, you might have to deal with two popular questions – buy a new one or go for used spray foam rigs? For many people, getting used rigs can be cheaper than going all out to buy a new one.

In fact, unlike new spray foam rigs which may require some guidance for your business needs, used rigs tend to be ready-to-use and easy to operate.
However, are there any downsides to the used equipment that contractors aren’t considering? This article raises some valid points concerning the advantages of used rigs as well as the drawbacks which are associated with buying used spray foam rigs.

Consider these Factors Before You Choose Spray Foam Rigs

1. What Benefits Can You Get from Used Rigs?

As with most used products in any market, used spray foam rigs tend to be cheaper than new ones. While new rigs would take into account the cost of building and installing new equipment plus training, used rigs often come inexpensive.

Usually, contractors choose used rigs because it enables them to focus their resources on other costs such as coating materials, guns, and more.

Additionally, considering the fact that the equipment has been used by another contractor, the machine and equipment is already wetted and been sprayed.

2. What are the Downsides of Used Spray Foam Rigs?

Despite the obvious benefits discussed above, there’s no denying the fact the used rigs may lack the functionality and durability of brand new foam rigs and, at times, end up costing way more than a brand new rig in the long run.

At SprayWorks, we try our best to receive, repair, clean, and replace used rigs and we test them carefully before making them available to end users. If a rig fails the test of daily performance, we would never resell it. Our used spray foam rigs for sale are always in top shape.

3. Quality Used Rigs are Typically Hard to Come By

Having considered the perks and demerits of used spray foam rigs, it becomes necessary that we take a side.

For one, purchasing brand new rigs provides the guarantee that the equipment hasn’t undergone any damage and repair processes. Rust and invisible cracks may reduce the performance of your machine when working on a project.

Besides, used rigs can hardly ever be as durable as new rigs. To add to this, think about the cost of managing a project which has been done with poorly-powered rigs.

Ultimately, it’s safe to say that buying used spray foam rigs may be a risk for your business. Not only does it expose you to potentially reducing your business productivity, but most used equipment is typically out of warranty or may not carry from one owner to the next.

At SprayWorks Equipment, we ensure that businesses choose equipment and accessories that are tailored to their project needs. If you aren’t sure about what decision is best for your business, speak to a rig expert today.

Call 330-587-4141 and you’ll get all the guidance you need to make an informed decision concerning the ideal spray foam rigs for you.

Dan Biddle is Service Manager at SprayWorks Equipment. His extensive knowledge of machines and equipment allows him to lead our service and support team in helping our customers' with a variety of equipment.

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