Wayland “Dave” Davidson, James Davidson’s father, becomes an early pioneer.

In 1963, Dave Davidson became one of only a handful of contractor/applicators in the entire country.

“Dave” Davidson was one of the first pioneers in the spray foam industry. As a painting contractor, working at large industrial and chemical facilities, he discovered the future value of polyurethane foam for roofing and wall insulation.

Dave Davidson applies spray foam to a leaking metal roofIn 1963 he became one of only a handful of contractor/applicators in the entire country. In just a few years he was not only installing polyurethane foam, but was operating a distribution center selling equipment, parts and materials in a five state area.

In addition to this, manufacturing facilities producing the polyurethane foam chemicals hired him to install experimental materials for their R&D. He began training other contractors and their employees in polyurethane foam applications. Many of the people he trained are still in the polyurethane foam business today.

He was also instrumental in the early development of new spray equipment and parts, consulting directly with Fred Gusmer, the owner and developer of the Gusmer polyurethane foam dispensing equipment.

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