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What Are The Different Spray Foam Guns And Their Utilities?

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation, or PMC, is considered to be the topmost trusted manufacturer that has the highest quality parts and equipment. This has also helped in creating solutions saving the time of the contractor. A larger or bigger area can safely be sprayed with the gun moving to several parts like walls, corners, ceilings, and scaffoldings. Some of the characteristics are mentioned below as well what makes them meet expectations.

AP-EX spray gun

This is one of the primary spray foam guns which allow extending the reach of more than ten feet within any given area. They have been designed in a manner that sprays can be done small and large spaces amidst the tallest buildings. These also have greater usability for spraying various kinds of coatings and foam. Throughout the stages of testing, it has been found that this gun type reduces coating of the spray time or insulation jobs by thirty percent or more. Hence the contractor is allowed to complete insulation jobs in no time with the help of the spray foam guns.

AP-3 guns

These AP-3 spray foam guns are the most popular guns available in the market and have been designed for delivering ultimate spray application performances. They are ergonomically designed for the fitting that is firm and ultralight. Within trigger and air cylinders, the air ports and short stroked triggers permit powerful and rapid response that ensures full spray pattern with individual shots.

Top quality application

The foam guns change the PCT quickly and provide any mechanic that sprays with a choice for the spray’s changing tip. It can also be sized without having the gun spray disassembled thus allowing a lot of time which can be spent to perfect spraying and skills. They possess consistency and the profiles are aesthetically pleasing, resulting in topmost quality applications.

Exceed requirements

These guns have proven their worth in the field of military and marine applications. After product testing, the guns met and exceeded requirements related to the chemical manufacture and physical properties. There is a check valve that is present for separating a fluid portion from the driver side.

Time-saving and lightening the workload

These guns help at reaching lengths that is twice the length you may have achieved all this while. Besides has also potentially saved a lot of time. Since the greater length areas can be easily reached, this has led to the significant workload reduction.

How to Choose a Spray Gun Based on your Project Needs

Spray Guns Worth Mentioning

An essential part of Polyurethane application is having the right gun. In this article, we review the top seven types of Polyurethane applications, which gun is best, and why you should consider them for your next project.

Roof & Wall Insulation

Virtually any spray gun will work great for roofing and wall insulation. The Graco Fusion line is a popular choice, along with the PMC Air Purge line. Click here for more options.
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The Importance Of The Spray Foam Guns

Most of the commercial spray guns that deal with commercial polyurethane foam use the technology of impingement mixing. It is used for mixing chemicals in the inside of the gun. Impingement-mixing has got to do with two materials A-side and B-side were mixed together using the forces of high pressure inside small chambers inside the spray gun. The injection and pouring applications can thus incorporate various mixing technologies with the help of dynamic and static mix. Many professional foams and DIY kits use the mixing technology that is static and low-pressure. However, the following paragraphs shed some light on spraying.

No purging happens

It is vital to understand that once the materials have come inside the gun together. They begin reacting immediately as they exit and mix spray gun. If all of the reacted materials do not get expelled from the gun after the release of the trigger, the material can harden and set-up inside thus rendering the whole thing non-usable. However, the function of design within spray foam guns assures that purging does not happen.

Impingement mixing

Most of the people think that metering pumps and machines create a considerable amount of pressure in the spray foam guns, the pumps help in creating material flow. Pressure is easily created that causes resistance to flow. It is more like using a garden hose for watering the plants. The thumb is put over the front of hose for increasing pressure in making water continue spraying further. The thumb of yours simply resists, restricts the flow of water hence creating a lot of pressure.

A better pattern of spray

The above principle of a spray hose is what is applicable to spray guns as well. The gun is the thumb of yours essentially that creates resistance to flow from machines, in the process to create the pressure of impingement for B-side and A-side materials for mixing together. The gun uses the components that are additionally making the pattern of spray far better and increasingly consistent that what the thumb does.

Three basic operations

The three basic purge operational systems include solvent purge, air purge, and the mechanical purge. However, maintenance is a must in the form of lubrication of the parts of the gun and cleaning parts, as well as replacing o-rings. Just like foam hoses for spray are available with variable lengths, there is a variable flow cap for the fusion guns too. This helps to adjust the output of the gun without changing the mixing chambers. This product is also time and hassle saving.

The Components and Everything Associated with Box Truck Rigs

The heavy-duty box trucks are constructed with the strictest guidelines and proper distribution of load. These trucks can be used readily. Each truck has been calculated to the material locations, tongue weight, axle strength, and machinery of spray foam for the transportation safety and proper balance. These foam rigs have been engineered and designed to perform in any kind of climatic zone. This also includes dry heat to freezing cold. Irrespective of the weather, they shall work fine.

The building of the box truck rig

Closed spray foam cell gets installed from bottom to top of a truck on the interior. Chrome, white or lightening interior is the maximum for visibility. Some of the features of box truck rigs include hydraulic machine, electrical outlets, the area of the workstation, rooftop ventilation to ensure constant and smooth processing. The equipment can be expected to outlast any kind of ingenuity if maintained properly. It is inclusive of transfer pumps, systems of spray foam, drum heaters and sprays PMC guns.

Truck is equipped

Each of the box truck rigs is well equipped with cabinets and toolboxes allowing you one to keep the valuable tools in the storage. The barrel racks usually are mounted for helping with securing of products and the foam materials during transit happening from one job to another.

The components

There are hose hangers that are hinged that allow for quick set up of the jobs and wrap-ups end of the day. The system of the oil separator, moisture trap, air regulator and air-dryers are installed for helping in eliminating the containment of unwanted moisture. The tubes of storage pump are installed for protecting the barrel pumps that are there in the transit and help in the protection of pumps when not in use. Safety equipment, equipment of personal protection and the supplies are also included for ensuring OSHA compliance.

Other components

The other components associated with box truck rigs are hose door, door for side access and ramp door that help in accessing foam rig’s various parts. It is resistant from industrial moisture, has fluid lines of 1500 psi and air lines of 200 psi. They help in preventing material waste. Other accessories of spray foam include plump lube, gun cleaner, spare parts, and drum dolly.

Trained by certified experts

Some of the companies help train individuals to use the spray foam and equipment associated with it multiple environments. When one leaves for the training, they can also be confident in starting with other priority projects.

The AP-2 Spray Gun Operation and Usability

SprayWorks Equipment offers a full line of PMC and Graco spray guns that include AP-EX, AP-3, AP-2, and AP-1 besides the Fusion spray guns. The technology of PMC revolutionized the industry of plural component in the design of AP-2 spray gun with a combination of the rapid response of trigger, superior atomization and quick spray change pattern size to the output combination. This also results in longer times of spray. If you are looking for the most efficient and cheapest guns then the PMC ones are the ones to root for. These spray guns have innovative technology offered as well as great performance. Just like the PMC guns of spray, fusion gun spray is the component plural system.

Extended gun pole offered

Any spray foam equipment like PMC offers an extended gun pole that has been designed keeping AP-EX at the core that allows in making the applicators reach more than ten feet, minimizing the over spraying while also reducing the time of spray by almost more than thirty percent.

AP-2 is meant for ultimate performance of application spray

This spray foam equipment’s one has been designed ergonomically for firm fitting that is ultra-light. Within the air cylinders and trigger, the air ports that are straightforward besides the short trigger strokes allow a rapidly powerful response ensuring the full pattern of spray with each shot. PMC’s two-piece of mixing combination chambers as well as PCT is all precision-drilled for uniformly and uniquely blending the mix of the product, creating superior quality atomization that maintains the full spray pattern.

Application of top quality

The provision of having the PCT changed quickly, provides spray mechanic the choice for changing spray tip and also the size without the disassembly of spray gun that allows more time spent for perfecting the skills and spraying consistency. It creates profiles that are aesthetically pleasing thus resulting in top-notch quality applications.

Used for product testing

This AP-2 gun spray is used for testing in the marine and military applications. It is utilized specifically so that products exceed and meet chemical manufactures and expected requirements of the physical property. Check valve flow back separates dry side from the fluid portion in the gun thus eliminating cross-contamination of the material.

Fast change-out

This cross-contamination is well prevented in the air cylinder’s air passage along with the assembly of trigger handle. The mixing ball of the chamber and the socket connection makes for faster change-out and eliminates assemblies that are screw-type.

The Utilities Of Spray Robots

As the pioneers in developing the automated equipment for spraying applications, the manufacturers offer technology that is cutting-edge and it is meant for both in-plant as well as on-site operations. They have been designed for application of the widest variety of spray-applied membranes, profiles of cross-section that are achieved are precise with millage accuracy. This signifies that tolerances are achieved, lending the materials to be installed in a film that is cured and replicates the desired model for every single use.

Great money-saving alternative

It is the automation in the spray foam equipment that minimizes fatigue of the employees, allowing two-man teams for easily operating a spray robot that is easily automated. Using equipment that is automated can control the accurate millage each time which helps in saving ten percent or more with respect to yield. Thus, spray foam equipment turns out to be an alternative to saving money.

The benefits of using it

There are multiple benefits of using spray foam equipment and one of them is increasing yield by at least ten percent or even more with the help of an automated foam machine spray. You tend to make savings on the material because accurate thicknesses being installed day after day and minute by minute. Other benefits are mentioned down below.

The bidding is more accurate because of the automated equipment. It also helps in saving the fatigue and manpower from the syndrome of repetitive motion.

You do not require a lot of experience for installations or operating the equipment for accurate material thickness and a roof that is good looking.

Machines are able to outperform humans both in quantity and quality, considerable parts of the time.

Contractors have even reported that they have saved a great deal of money on the first project of theirs besides being able to pay for equipment within any job or two.

Difference between variable width and fixed applicators

Robotic customized application equipment is used for roofs, bridges, and roadways. The companies always meet the unique demands of an industry that is challenging and ever-changing with many of the patents as well as unique creations.

On-site uses

Contractors use the spray bots for easy application of polyurea products to various other substrates. Parking decks, membranes, floor repair, flooring, and roads are just a few of them. Spray bots are lightweight and weight less than three hundred fifty pounds thus spray head can be removed easily onto roofs that are commercial-sized.

Choosing The Appropriate Spray Foam Rigs For Insulation

Insulation plays an important role in the homes and the insulation with spray foam is considered one of the best investments that anyone can make. After the spray foam has been installed, cost-effective ways must be decided for installing it inside the new house of yours. For making it happen, contractors may be a big investment so that insulation is installed. A home foam kit can also be bought so that the job can be done on your own, besides that also saves up on time.

Spray foam

This is a pliable kind of foam which undergoes expansion once when exposed to the air and also hardens into a product that is durable enough. It possesses good properties of insulation and is used in walls, ceiling and other places that can be reached hardly. They are increasingly more efficient compared to other products of insulation. There is an expansion that allows for the filling of crevices and cracks thus sealing air leaks. Foam that is closed-cell gets sprayed like paint and expands about an inch. The spray foam rigs are needed to work with them.

What kind of rig to go for?

There are many kinds of spray foam rigs belonging to Master Series, Eco Series, Box Trucks and customized rigs that are found. Companies sell them as per the needs of yours whereby it could be closed cell or smaller ones as well. If you want to insulate for one to two rooms then small foam kits would be perfectly suitable. They also offer the best option for the renovation and you do not require it for the whole house. Largest foam kits are suitable for the entire house.

Both small and large foam kits are easy to use

Both the small and the large kits can be used by homeowners because they are easy to use and learn. Hence the foam can be sprayed on the ceiling, wall spaces before the addition of drywall, over ceiling or anyplace it is needed.

When is closed foam insulation appropriate?

The foam that is closed cell offers easier installation for home operators than the open cell and are also quite efficient thermally. Foams are resistant to moisture and mold. Closed foam cell is strong and cushiony while the open foam cell has open cells and is cushiony soft. They restrict movement of moisture and air largely. It is expensive slightly and the expenses are offset by a reduction in both the cooling and heating bills.

What is a Spray Foam Rig and How is it Designed?

Some of the best quality spray foam turnkey rigs are produced by the qualified companies and they are produced in the industry by contractors. The qualified technicians at SprayWorks Equipment help in determining the spray foam equipment as per your needs and support you in all ways. They are all customized keeping in mind the material applicators. For fulfilling the needs of the customers, the experts have the spray foam rigs built with high-quality spray-foam insulation equipment.

As the industry experts, SprayWorks Equipment understand the foam rig needs or the demands for coatings rig. Thus mobile trailers are built and the rigs range from being shore-powered eco-friendly rigs to master-size extra large rigs. Each rig has been equipped with specs for having it set up as a turn-key rig.

What are the rigs basically?

The spray foam rigs are manufactured trailers or box trucks that are put together to be turnkey completely. It allows any contractor of spray foam to show up at job site, with few couple switches so that application process can begin. These foam rigs comprise of the gun, Transfer Pumps, Heated Hose, proportioning machine (reactor), air-dryer, compressor, and generator.

Transport chemicals safely

High-quality spray foam rigs are laid out, so that component’s weight distribution is well-balanced. This allows for a smooth and safe tow. Since, these rigs are an applicator’s workspace, a rig that is well laid out usually includes a system of barrel bracing that is good. This shall help immensely in the transportation of chemicals. Workbench, cabinets and tool boxes assist in the storing of supplies and tools in a much-organized manner.

The trailer or the Box Foam Truck

A box foam spray or trailer must be well insulated and heated, using closed cell foam spray insulation. The equipment of safety must be included like fire extinguishers, first aid, eye wash besides fresh air for breathing, separately.

Can be customized

Rigs can be easily customized for accommodating box truck, hitch, standard trailer, and fifth wheel. Additionally, foam rigs are constructed with the strictest guidelines and engineered for highly superior performance. For instance, there are many kinds of these foam rigs, like for instance box trucks and trailers from Master Series have been designed spaciously for a high-end production. This also helps in the maximization of profits.

Extensive testing and research is done

Companies carry on with extensive testing and research for providing advanced technology that is available in the spray foam mobile rigs. Each rig has been equipped with a heating system and robotic system.