Choosing And Buying Spray Foam Machines

It is never an easy task to choose and buy Foam Insulation Machine for sale. SprayWorks Equipment is an ideal company for foam machine proportioners and reactors. Go through the list of machines available and then choose from top-quality manufactured products. The most reputable company ensures the best quality equipment for clients that help ones business to grow.

Machine type

Both the hydraulic and air-driven insulation machines are on sale and our products and can be used for a variety of jobs and a varied range of applications. It is essential for successful application of spray foam or polyurea coatings to choose the right proportioner for the job. If you wish to determine the Spray Foam Machines’ suitability, it is imperative to understand the variables. These include:

  • Pump Drive System
  • Output
  • Pressure Rating
  • Heating Capacity
  • Electrical System

Understanding the operations

A classic series of proportioners that use opposed piston pumps with an air-driven system. Air-driven machines with lower-output, ranging between 25- 30lbs. /min and a 3,000 psi whereas Hydraulic spray foam machines offer higher outputs of max at up to 50 lbs. /min 3,500 psi. The air-driven machines cater to individual contractors and start-ups for smaller footprint and are cost effective. The hydraulic machines can handle larger projects like commercial jobs – air-driven proportioners, bridges, roads of high value and best performance.

Processing the chemicals

The chemicals have to be processed at 110°F-140°F for spray foam and 140°F-160°F for coatings with accurate pumping and mixing. The machine with a strong heating system keeps up with the output. Hydraulic machines go up to 20 KW Air-driven proportioners have heating wattages between 6-15 kW. In case of Spray Foam Machines, the air-driven machines need access to an air compressor whereas hydraulic machines require electrical connection to power the drive pump.

How a Spray Foam Machine Works

A Coating Machine and Hydraulic Spray Foam Needs 5 Key Elements to Function

  • Air Supply, 100 PSI at 17cfm
  • 220V/240V Single Phase or Three Phase Power Supply
  • Spray Gun AP-1 air purge gun is used.
  • Heated Hose gets power from a transformer located at the base of the machine.
  • Transfer Pumps powered by air

Knowing about the manufacturer

There are companies whose products are of the topmost quality standards, like PMC and Graco. It requires low maintenance, are easy to repair, and have low operational costs. It gives necessary attention to our customer needs. The top companies supply technology and expertise for the management of fluids and coatings in both industrial and commercial applications. It designs and manufactures products for the markets. Other than that, there are systems and equipment to move, dispense, measure, control along with spray powder materials and fluid.

Check Out On Spray Foam Rigs For Sale

Are you looking for high quality Foam Rigs from the top company providing renowned machines? Then your quest is over as SprayWorks’ type of rigs are custom designed with the material applicators in mind. These are built by experts to fulfill the needs of customers and spray foam insulation equipment is USA made. We also build mobile trailers and rigs ranging from; extra-large master-sized rigs to eco-friendly shore-powered or Box Truck rigs. Each rig is set up as a turn-key rig or equipped to match the specs for your project needs. The experts in the industry can very well understand the needs of foam rig or coatings rig and are extremely detailed to ensure it is built with the best quality.

Making of rigs

Rigs can be made to accommodate a box truck, standard trailer, fifth wheel or hitch. Each of the rigs are made following strict guidelines and are engineered for superior performance. There are Spray Foam Rigs like box trucks, Eco Master Series, trailers and are spaciously designed for high-end production and maximization of profits. A mobile spray foam rig of the most advanced technology is prepared after extensive research and testing. A rig might have built-in equipment with the SprayBot robotic system and a Barrel Blazer heating system.

All the mobile spray rigs are insulated by turn-key investment and sprayed with closed-cell foam from top to bottom. A bright work space with maximum visibility is created by the chrome interior wall with florescent lighting.

Types of rigs for business needs

There are in-house rig specialists who are ready to cater to your business support needs. The ideal type of Spray Foam Rigs that is best for one’s business are determined with certified experts. There are four types of rigs to fit ones business needs-

  • Eco Series Rigs-It is available in 12ft, 16ft or 20ft trailers with compact design and fit for diverse project needs. A shore power rig and proportioner of low weight helps the overall weight of the mobile rig.
  • Master Series Rigs-These are the best in the industry and offers fully stocked equipment and Polyurea protected flooring which protects the machine for a longer lifespan. This rig comes with ready-to-spray foam and turn-key or any other Polyurethane material. These are known for holding hundreds of feet of heated hoses and more material sets.
  • Custom Rigs-It has flexible trailer sizes up to 36ft and custom specs. The bridges, roads, large commercial roofs or any other large Polyurea projects require a custom spray rig as the best solution.

Other options

Box trucks are all-in-one trucks with rigs. Box Trucks are ideal for spray foam insulation for studies, crawl spaces, attics and other mid-size projects. You can also use them for small businesses and residential sized projects.

Hiring The Best Spray Foam Equipment For High-Quality Operations

Are you looking for the best foam system available in the market? SprayWorks is a supplier providing the best service in town by supplying high-quality spray foam equipment. They provide both open and closed-cell foam. The renowned company provides service in various parts of USA and Canada – with some distribution in Europe for automated machinery and barrel heaters.

1. Utility for home

Applicating foam insulation to your commercial building is vital. When applied directly to the back of roof deck, it becomes cost effective and improves the efficiency of your running HVAC system. The Spray Foam Systems protects both you and your building. It also seals all windows and doors to avoid heat and cool getting wasted and lost in both commercial and residential buildings. It saves energy and electricity thus enhancing the value of your property.

2. Energy efficiency through structural protection

The house becomes more energy efficient and structural strength is increased. Further it will make the floors more comfortable, by the application of foam and elimination of all drafts and leaks. The roof deck to top plate is sealed. There is a reduction of allergens and helps to prevent mildew, rodents, pests and mold. It ensures a complete thermal shield by injecting foam in headers and corners. A custom fit insulation system seals all outlets and pipes.

3. Knowing the Roofing systems

Spray Foam Roofing Insulation and Foam Roof Coating are the two types of roofing insulation methods. Complete roofing system materials for Polyurethane Spray Roofs are required. Commercial Roofing System is where Spray Foam Systems can be used. The spray foam insulation for roofing projects is a smart choice. Spray polyurethane is low in maintenance, durable and preferred to traditional roofing systems, as comparatively it provides excellent insulation.

4. Diverse use-cases

The application of spray foam in roofing systems is ideal even if one is looking for other ways to use spray foam proportioners and rigs. The Spray Foam and Coatings Materials also uses Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Rhino Linings, Green Insulation, and Wasser Coatings also use SDS.

Essential tips

The foam system is useful both for home and business front. It is always advised to get proper training on the technique, material that is used in the system selected and equipment chosen for best possible output.

Hunt For The Best Foam And Coatings Provider

Looking for the best coatings and spray foam systems provider is imperative for professional operations. It is essential to look for a certified team with detailed knowledge and resources in polyurethanes and the polyurea industry. There are teams of professionals that have more than a century old experience in spray foam, polyurea, etc. The best company has proper leadership and is built with a standing concept for Training, Equipment, Application, and Materials. They are there to provide everything needed for Spray Foam and Coatings Equipment, Spray Foam Training and Polyurea Supplies and Parts.

Why spray foam?

Polyurethane foams are the one with highest insulating R-values per inch of all the available products. It ranges from 3.5 to 7 per inch; it is efficient, needs less space and is cost effective. Spray foam reduces labor and material costs and has distinct characteristics. There are open and closed cell spray applied foams with advantages like sound control, structural integrity, and vapor barrier. The choice is quite obvious as it minimizes damage from flood, strong winds, is sustainable, and environment friendly. There are several companies that have been offering good quality Spray Foam and Coatings Systems for ages and also providing repair, maintenance and expert training services. Spray foam insulation is free of all HFCs, HFAs, HCFCs, and formaldehyde.

Selection tips

There are manufacturers and distributors that provide a uniquely-designed wide range of spray foam insulation and coating applications to be sprayed. The spray equipment needs exterior spray foam roofing and polyurea protective coatings or interior spray foam insulation. The requirements and services can be assured by discussing your needs with a spray application certified professional who has past experience of decades. You must decide which spray foam rig or coatings rig is needed for your specific requirements. In Spray Foam and Coatings Systems, the mobile spray rigs include PH-40 series, hydraulic proportioners, and reactors – plus other types of machines.

Choosing the right experts

The spray foam and protective coating experts are passionate about what they do, and always looking forward to create high-quality products. Innovation, leadership, and quality have strengthened the relationship with client. The company that has established itself in this field must be hired for better results. They have commercial-grade options such as AP-2 air purge spray gun, 2:1 transfer pumps, heated hoses, manufactured in USA and comes with warranty. You have to get in touch with leading service providers to obtain high-quality systems.

Advantages Of Using Spraybots

Life has become so much more convenient with all the innovations that have been happening around the world. And today, every little innovation has helped improve life. This is true where spray foam insulation is also concerned. With the introduction of Spraybots, the insulation process has become simpler.

Here are the advantages of using Spraybots:

  • It is time-saving and product conserving. Being an environmentally friendly machine, it can be pushed around and be fed all kinds of coating and Polyurethane materials.
  • Using a Spraybot can cover an area consistently and in turn reduce the amount of wasted material. It also helps achieve the thickness requirements.
  • When a Spraybot is used, it is one of the best ways to install a uniform coating since there is a wider application of product. The coating of the joints and seams are much better and require lesser overlapping passes.
  • Maximum benefit can be achieved if a skilled person is made to use the Spraybot. Though it is easy to use, and a trained person would be able to do complete justice to the job.
  • Another great innovation is the Spraybot Ultra that comes with a host of benefits. It is lightweight aluminum in nature and has a powder-coated durable paint which is designed to navigate any structure with complete ease.
  • A wind-screen comes along that prevents overspray during high wind flows. A clamshell front-end design helps protect the spray parts from overspray.
  • If human error is removed, the Spraybot can reduce the cost of material which in turn increases the yield rate to up to 10% or even more.
  • The main objective of a Spraybot is to display that a robotic system, of reasonably priced cost, is able to carry out the application phase – thereby improving the quality of the service and consistency of spray.

Spraybots have made a lot of difference and with constant innovation, companies are able to have access to more advanced versions. Knowing the requirements of commercial and residential buildings and even bridges and infrastructure, Spraybots have helped make the process of accurately spraying foam and polyurea on the interior and exterior, roofs, waterproofing, bridges and other structures. Trained persons are hired to do the job, because as simple as this may seem, a perfect job requires proper training. Choose the right automated application from a trusted company and witness the amazing benefits the Spraybot can offer.

SprayWorks Offers Student Scholarship to Increase Innovation

SprayWorks is proud to announce its new scholarship program, The James Davidson Innovative Student Scholarship. The scholarship is named after SprayWorks Equipment Group owner, James Davidson. James has been designing robots and equipment for Polyurethanes for three decades and has contributed thousands of hours teaching Polyurethane professionals how to create careers in the industry.Continue reading

Summer Machine Trade-In Special!

Now through August 31, 2018 – trade in any proportioner and get $3,000 off a new PMC PH-2 Proportioner.

We’ll take any proportioner in any condition! The PH2 Proportioner is a hydraulic machine with 28 lbs/minute output and max psi of 2,000. It can withstand up to 410 feet of hose and is perfect for any spray foam project including; attics, crawl spaces, residential insulation, storage tanks, roofs, and more. Also available for coatings projects with the PHX2 machine. This machine is economically priced with an open frame that makes it lightweight and capable of withstanding the long term needs of high pressure projects.
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The Full Line Of Spray Foam Machines

Everything that the companies do to get the work done is completely reliant on quality equipment. Selecting the best machine is the difference between keeping your job running and being shut down for the day. The widest selection of coating and spray foam equipment is provided through PMC and Graco for delivering high performance applications. The products are delivered so that you save money on yield and the delivery of products can outlast the warranty on material. The equipment range includes custom rigs and turnkey rigs to suit the needs of the business. Each coatings rig and spray foam rig includes training that is free for ensuring that one is ready to begin work and start jobs immediately.

Full line equipment range

The Spray Foam Machines include not just one machine but a host of other things that include the following.

  • Drum heaters:  Applicators are always looking for intelligent ways to have the most improvement in material adherence, drum heaters help contractors process and manufacture coating and spray foam materials. The most common kind of tech calls in fall, spring and winter sessions are a result of cold material, especially when the material gets viscous and thickens after getting cold. The Barrel Blazers comes in a single or dual unit, allowing materials in drums to save energy and space by heating simultaneously. All its units are available with options of heating elements and are fully serviceable.
  • Transfer pumps: Transfer pumps are another kind of Spray Foam Equipment that are designed to be used with commercial coatings and most industrial epoxies, as well as Polyurethane. They have a fluid section that is divorced and their design help to prevent any form of crystallization from the harsh chemicals. In respect to the kind of industrial applications, they can perform, in any situation with consistency, reliability, and durability. Some of the applications where they are used include; SPF insulation, sporting goods, transportation, automotive, wood furniture, and aerospace.
  • Spray guns: Spray guns are designed ergonomically and are used for applications in a variety of industries. They have a longer span of life, are inexpensive to be replaced and provide the best value for money. These offer trigger response that is rapid and can be easily accessed and have an easy access safety option, the filters can be easily cleaned and have quick access to the manual valve assembly.
  • Proportions and pumps: Air driven and hydraulic machines are made available for sale. Thus as part of spray foam machines, you get top quality reactors and machine proportions that include output, the system of pump drives, electrical system, heating capacity and pressure rating.

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Designs And Uses Of Spraying Foam Hoses

Having a quality hose for spray foam is a must and if you own a spray foam company then it has to be ensured that hoses maintain temperature when spraying is applied. This leads to best yield and better performance. Top quality spray foam is offered including PMC hose that have braided thermocouple wire and are PVC encapsulated so that it stays protected from moisture. Both heated hoses for high pressure and low pressure in many lengths and diameters can be used, depending on your project needs. Here are some of them.

  • Sensing unit for temperature an RTD PMC assembly



The features in these Spray Foam Hoses are one of the best parts especially when the RTD four wire (temperature resistance detector) is utilized. Contractors often look for an aftermarket solution in the form of a unit for temperature monitoring and the heat it exists with the hoses. PMC has better quality OEM equipment. For the best value in your high or low pressure hoses, you can count on the experts.



  • Whip hose heated



The PMC manufactures heated Spray Foam Hoses that work with AP-2 PMC guns as well as various other kinds of spray foam guns including coatings guns. There are specific product codes for the hoses in order to identify which ones are made extra tough and which feature a copper wire wrapping that is braided for the purpose of heating. A protective jacket made of extruded PVC is made. The heated hose including thermocouple wire is affordable. Whip hose heats up the foam and any other material for coating evenly and quickly. Reliability and ruggedness are its basic traits and PMC hoses are designed to experience significant levels of wear and tear. They serve for the longest time and also deliver results that are excellent.

  • Different hoses and coating hoses available


The various designs of the hoses include Gun whip HP/ universal LP, heated hose high-pressure w/TC, low pressure heated hose 2000 psi with TC wire control, the Fluid hose that is an ISO hose for supply to the machines from transfer pumps and air harness transfer pump. On the site of the reputable companies, you can view their full selection of hoses in stock.



  • Designed with transformer



PMC hoses have been designed to fit multiple lengths of hose. They are engineered for chemical systems and Polyurea application. These are also used in systems of Polyurethane chemical foam and two-component systems of epoxy. For making sure that consistent heat is available, circumference is completely covered with a durable scuff guard.

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How Do You Get Spray Foam Rigs?

There are companies that specialize in the unique designs of a wide range of coating and spray foam applications. Usually, these rigs are box trucks or manufactured trailer that are put together for contractors to be complete turn key solutions. These are later sold to the contractors and are built by the experts using quality materials. The companies are experts dealing with understanding contractor’s needs of coatings rigs and foam rigs. They care about the project delivery as much as the contractor who is being hired by their customer. The rigs and mobile trailers are built up to 30 feet with the option of being eco-friendly.


Things to know when purchasing


There are a few things that contractors must know if they have decided on building out or buy spray foam rigs – especially when determining how one can properly equip trailer for maximizing investment. Some of the things that need to be considered involve knowing how rigs can be used and what can be sprayed. Consider thinking on the grounds, that whether you are an industrial/commercial contractor working on large projects that spray roofs and systems of air barrier or roofs. On the other hand, you may also be, a contractor that focuses on the insulation of the walls or some roofs. So just determine the use before having a rig built.

Powering the rig

The need for reliable and adequate power has to be determined so that there is sufficient electricity for operating proportioner and compressor when working with spray foam rigs. It might also allow for other equipment and work lights to function. Usually, options range from generators, gas compressors, electric units that are smaller, or shore power.


Each of the rigs, are equipped to the specs and can also be set up like any turn-key rig. Rigs are usually customized for accommodating box truck, hitch, standard trailer and fifth wheel.  Moreover, strict guidelines are followed for construction of these rigs and they are pretty much engineered for high superior performance. For ensuring production to be high end, box trucks and trailers are designed spaciously in order to fit one or multiple sets of material inside the rig.

Extensive research

There is an extensive level of testing and research done for providing the most advanced kind of technology that is made to be available in mobile foam spray rigs. Each rig is optionally equipped with a barrel heating system and robotic material application system.

Closed Cell Foam

The spray rigs that are mobile, come sprayed with closed cell foam that is applied to the entire trailer interior. This insulates the turn-key investment.

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