Design Spray Foam Rig after considering all Facts

When you are sure of the insulation that you need – there are other details you’ll need to consider. The Spray Polyurethane Foam or SPF insulation will need proper equipment of the right size and weight – and will also vary depending on the types of jobs you are working on. Insulation equipment has to be transported with the materials to the destination in a suitable rig that is designed to carry the weight of equipment. There are spray foam rigs that are designed for the foam machine and the generator with the compressor. There will be other tools that one would need inside a rig. Typically, there is a work area within the rig and a proper tool box for contractors. If you are going to buy a rig, you should know some specifications and discuss your needs with a certified professional before buying it.

Proper laid out area

Spray foam rigs are typically 16 feet or longer – weight distribution is extremely important. The components within the rig should be well balanced. This will help in a smooth tow and preventing any damage to the trailer or truck. This rig will act as the work space for the applicator – the rig should therefore be well laid out. You may ask for a bracing system that is strong so that you can transport chemicals inside the rig. The tool boxes and work bench with the lined cabinets for different materials or supplies will be necessary.

Power for the spray foam rig

Rigs require adequate power and are typically designed to operate on gas, electric, or shore power. The power comes from the compressor and the generator – and when using shore power, comes from a local power source from a building or outside generator. The equipment placed within the rig will help determining the type of generator needed. Spray foam rigs come with electric units or with gas compressors and accompanying generators. There are diesel generators too, with the electric compressor for rigs that are used for large scale projects. Once you decide the type of projects you will work on, that will determine the type of generator needed.

Safety measures

The rig that you are investing in should be safe for yourself and all your workers. Have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a must and it will also need to include a first aid station. The fire extinguishers and eye wash stations are a must. The first aid kit should have appropriate items for all types of hazards that may occur when handling chemicals. The MSDS within the rig will ensure the safety of the chemicals or other materials. The electrical codes are to be followed and the electrical wires must be there inside proper conduit so that there are no risks or damage to any human or to other equipment.

Planning for a spray foam rig is a serious thing and it requires a big investment and proper training. Having Toolbox Talks to ensure everyone on the team has a full understanding of safety and operation, is necessary. Only then, your trailer will meet all the requirements.