Everything You Need to Know About Turnkey Spray Foam Rigs

At SprayWorks Equipment, we have a variety of turnkey spray foam rigs, all ready to meet your application needs. Custom rigs we supply can also be turnkey, but configuration will ultimately depend on how the customer decides to build the unit out.

Regardless of your choices and project demands, let us use our expertise to supply you with a turnkey spray foam rig that can get the job done.

Our Custom and Turnkey Spray Rigs

Turnkey rigs are desirable when starting a new spray foam or polyurea business because you’ll leave our facility with all the equipment you need to start spraying. In addition to a machine package, you can include a set of materials, barrel warmers, and other tools and equipment to help better fit your job site’s needs.

SprayWorks Equipment offers different sizes and models of spray foam rigs and coatings rigs, and we are able to create the perfect solution for all of your upcoming jobs using our expertise.

Here are the diverse types of custom and turnkey spray rigs we offer:

  • Portable rig series – This option is designed for low- to medium-output projects and should be used when portability and basic operation are the priority.
  • Economy rig series – The economy model is perfect for the budget-conscious contractor who needs a rig for residential and large commercial-type SPF or polyurea projects.
  • High production rig series – This is the most common turnkey spray rig. It is designed for the serious contractor who wants to maximize production and yields.
  • Custom rig series – The custom rig series is built for a multi-purpose use. From multi-crew to government projects, SprayWorks Equipment understands your project requirements and brings your dream to life.
  • Smart rig series – The smart rig series is designed with the customer at the forefront. It delivers ratio assurance and other advanced rig technology, making it among the best on the market.
  • In-Stock rigs – We carry versatile turn key spray rigs in-stock and ready to start working. They are available on a first-come-first serve basis.

Any of these rigs can be custom-made to accommodate a fifth wheel, standard trailer, hitch, or box truck. This means it is easy to expand your capabilities and get the most out of your investment. Plus, you can be confident knowing that each spray foam rig is constructed with strict guidelines and is engineered for superior high performance.

Additionally, every rig from SprayWorks Equipment includes free Spray Foam School training for your team as well as free ongoing phone or text support while you’re on the job site. Most equipment includes manufacturer warranties to protect your investment.

Typical Components of a Turnkey Spray Foam Rig

When you choose SprayWorks Equipment as your provider for a turnkey spray rig, we will help you select the right combination of components based on your needs and goals.

Here are the major elements we look at when constructing a turnkey spray rig:

  • Reactor – The reactor is a critical component in the process of spraying and expanding the spray foam insulation. It is also known as the plural component proportioner or spray foam machine.
  • HoseHigh-pressure hoses transport the mixed chemicals from the machine to the spray gun. Some machines have a heated hose that is used to maintain the temperature of the foam, which is essential for consistent application.
  • Spray gun – The spray gun is in charge of actually applying the foam mixture onto the desired surfaces.
  • Compressor – Compressors provide the amount of air pressure necessary to propel the foam mixture out of the spray gun.
  • Generator – The generator provides electrical power for the rig and is especially important to applications that are conducted remotely.

When you shop with SprayWorks Equipment, we make sure that you receive transparency throughout the entire process. This starts with a customized quote from an expert, which means you can tell us what you need and we can tell you exactly how much you can expect to pay. Regardless of the turnkey spray foam rig you choose, it will be backed with superior service so that can maximize machine uptime and productivity.

Reasons to Choose a Turnkey Spray Foam Rig for Your Business

The benefits of using turnkey spray foam rigs are extensive. Here are some of the reasons that people choose these completed systems over separate elements:

  • Compatibility – The components of a turnkey spray rig are designed to all work together seamlessly, reducing the risk of encountering compatibility issues that arise when there are multiple manufacturers involved.
  • Time-saving – Selecting a turnkey spray rig means you can save time since you will not have to source everything separately.
  • Quality assurance – Many reputable manufacturers of turnkey rigs perform thorough quality control and testing before they are released to customers. This means the rig should be in perfect working condition by the time it reaches you.
  • Reduced downtime – When components are designed to work together, there is a lower chance of technical issues or downtime due to compatibility issues.


What does the maintenance look like for a spray foam rig?

Regular maintenance for a spray foam rig can help ensure that it is functioning properly while contributing to a long-lasting machine. Maintenance measures may include cleaning hoses and equipment, inspecting for wear and damage, ensuring proper calibration, and checking safety measures.

What is the lifespan of a turnkey spray foam rig?

The lifespan of a turnkey spray foam rig depends on a variety of factors, including usage, maintenance, quality of components, and beyond. For the longest lifespan and optimal performance, be sure to properly care for and maintain your rig.

What kind of safety precautions must be taken when operating a turnkey spray foam rig?

When you are operating a turnkey spray foam rig, safe operation is important. Therefore, we recommend wearing proper personal protection equipment, allowing proper ventilation, following the guidelines from the manufacturer, and staying informed of any potential chemical hazards.

What are good tactics for troubleshooting?

Troubleshooting can involve looking for clogs in hoses, inspecting for leaks, checking chemical temperatures, and consulting SprayWorks Equipment if you need further assistance.

Contact Us for More Information

SprayWorks Equipment has well over 100 years of combined in-field experience, so we understand how to set you up for success with your new rig. Our trainers are certified through the SPFA and have decades of experience with multiple materials and substrates.

Allow us to supply you with a turnkey spray foam rig so that your business can take off. Contact us today with any questions you have!

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Dave Penta is the VP of Sales at SprayWorks Equipment Group. For the past 30+ years, Dave has worked with multiple industries including; commercial and residential buildings, along with spray foam and coatings systems.

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