Features of Box Truck Rigs

In the business of spray foam, SprayWorks Equipment provides the most top-notch box trucks of the highest quality. These rigs get constructed under the supervision of the strictest guidelines for the distribution of load that can be used readily. These rigs are solid construction and provide a no-worry structure of support for the housing of equipment and spray materials is valuable. They are engineered for accommodating more than one set of tools, proportions, one compressor, one generator and two to three sets of the tools. There is ample headroom comprising of interior height, easiest in maneuvering. The weight load is dependent on the selected size of the truck.

Designed for high efficiency

The box truck rigs simply perform better because they have been designed better. They are well insulated for the consistency of ambient temperature, spray rigs keep the resin materials and ISO at a temperature that is optimum all round the year. The spray temperatures are quite easily achieved during the cold weather and they prevent from getting overheated. They have reduced levels of noise even added trailer integrity that is structural. It has maintained control over material reactions and also improved the overall yield.

A great build

These truck rigs are built with cabinets and tool boxes that make an easy work area and makes for easy cleanup with a storage area for tools. They also keep it secured enough so that nothing gets dislocated when in motion.

A closed spray foam cell has to be applied on the frame from the bottom to the top. Chrome and light have been put up in the interiors so that there is more visibility. There has been ventilation on the rooftop, electrical outlets, workstation, hydraulic machines and machines that are air-driven which ensure smooth and swift processing.

Pumps for storage

For avoiding moisture in containment, air regulator and air-dryer and oil separator are installed. There are no stones unturned for keeping the values safe like the box truck rigs. Also, there are no pumps of storage that are placed for protecting barrel pumps during the transfers and also protecting pumps when not used.

The various models

The trucks offer cruise control, AM/FM radio, tilt wheel, millage, power steering, automatic transmission, international engine, cruise control, and many other features. If you are seeking a diesel engine truck then these ones have van body made of aluminum with amenities tuck under the lift gate.

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