Fix-It Friday! Attaching a PMC Coupling Block to your Hose

In this episode of Fix-It Friday! – the Coupling Block is explained with tips on how to hook up your coupling block to your PMC hose.

PMC’s Universal Coupling Block is designed for the AP1, AP2, AP3, APEX, and PX7 spray guns – as well as the GX7 spray gun. When taken out of the box, your Coupling Block will include plugs and fittings. The larger of the two fittings is intended to connect with the Resin side of your hose. The smaller of the two fittings is intended to connect with the Iso side of your hose.

The block has two ways of attaching the hose; from the bottom or more commonly the rear which is how your coupling block will come with the fittings attached. If you choose to change the way the fittings come into the block, the plugs require thread tape when uninstalling and reinstalling them.

Two types of screws are included; a long screw (TN-04197) and a short screw (TN-04193). The long screw is designed for the AP2 gun only, as it includes a Head Latch. All other guns work with the short screw.

Products in this video:

Coupling Block

Coupling Block Assembly

Short Screw

Long Screw

JIC #5

JIC #6

Pipe Plug

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