Graco Inc. Plural Component Equipment, Parts, Training, and Tech Support

High Pressure and Low Pressure Reactors, Hoses, Pumps, and Agitators

Graco history

Graco introduced Plural Component equipment in 1958, but the company was established in 1926. With nearly a century of experience, Graco’s equipment has withstood the test of time and offers quality and durability. Graco’s line of products includes reactors, hoses, pumps, agitators, parts, and other equipment. SprayWorks has decades of experience working with Graco equipment and is a full training arm, technical support, and distribution center for its products.

Gusmer H-2

Gusmer H-20/35 GH-2 Spray Foam Machine

Graco and Gusmer Reactors

Offering high pressure rigs and low pressure rigs with 2,000 PSI up – and a maximum output of 28 lbs per minute. Gusmer H-20/35 reactors are built to be a low-cost solution for spray polyurethane foam and polyurea coatings; roofing application, residential insulation, commercial wall insulation, rim and band joist, and slabjacking (concrete lifting). The Gusmer GH-2 is a hydraulic 2,000 psi machine.

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Graco Spray Guns

Graco has several gun solutions for different application needs, as well as personal preference and technique – the most popular being the line of Fusion guns.

  • Fusion Spray Guns – Fusion guns come in Air Purge, Mechanical Purge and ClearShot. Each style has a different cleaning method for the mixing chamber and all are great for high pressure or low pressure Spray Polyurethane Foam or Polyurea applications.
    Graco Fusion AP

    Graco Fusion AP Air Purge Spray Gun

  • Probler Spray Gun – The Probler gun is a diverse gun with several optional add-ons including; a flat spray kit, Jet Stream Nozzle, and Pour Adapter. It is also available in an Elite version offering; alternate hose routing and easy material access.
  • GX Spray Guns – GX Spray Guns are all plural component and mechanical purge guns. Designed to handle the most difficult jobs, these guns work best on low output, fast-set Polyurea, Polyurethane and Hybrid Coatings.
  • GAP Pro Spray Gun – The GAP Pro is an air purge spray gun, designed for high output spray polyurethane foam and polyurea applications; construction, bedlining, roofing and other plural-component spraying.
  • D-Gun Plural Component Spray Guns – The D-Gun is a plural component gun, designed for low to medium output foam applications such as interior stud walls.
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Low Pressure and High Pressure Heated Hoses

Graco has a full line of heated hoses, designed to work on low pressure or high pressure reactors. Hoses can be found starting at 10-50 foot increments with or without Xtreme-Wrap Scuff Guard. Each hose is covered with proprietary butyl cover for protection against moisture sensitive isocyanate and braided with copper wire for flexibility and longevity.

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  • Adhesives
  • HB Fuller Flextra-Fast WD4120 & WD4132
  • Polyurethane
  • Roof Coatings
  • Polyurea
  • Polyurethane Coatings
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam
  • No Heat Foam
  • Plural Component Protective Coatings
  • Elastomeric Coatings


  • Roof Coatings
  • Pipe and Tank Coating
  • Secondary Containment Spill Prevention
  • Spray On Bedliners
  • Waterproofing
  • Roof and Wall Insulation