Heavily Equipped Box Trucks Are Making Waves In Polyurethane Industries

Box trucks have the capability to present bigger payloads in smaller packages that can easily maneuver at any site of the job. Custom installation can be performed in the truck. The strictest guidelines go into the build out of box trucks that are high in quality and can be used readily. Each of the truck rigs are weighed on the basis of their material location, tongue weight and axel strength. They are also calculated on basis of the spray foam machinery that is used in them, so there is the right kind of balance with better safety and transportation. It has considerably done a lot for the trucking industry and has helped commercial clients, involved with spray foam and coatings companies.

Can perform anywhere in respective to the weather

Companies take special measures to build sturdy Box Truck Rigs that are engineered and designed in manner so that they can deliver work performance in any kind of climatic zone. Either it is the freezing cold high level of humidity, dry heat or sultry temperatures, these trucks deliver like none other.

Spray foam closed cell is put in at every truck’s bottom to create structural strength and an insulated barrier – plus they are lined with chrome floors to allow easy cleaning and light walls that are placed in the interior for better visibility. Some of the added features include hydraulic machines, electric outlets, workstation space and rooftop ventilation that ensures smooth and swift processing.

Outlast ingenuity

Spray foam equipment that is used in the Box Truck Rigs outlast ingenuity. However, they have to be maintained properly including the transfer pumps, spray foam systems, drum heaters, high pressure, spray guns and heated hoses. The best part about the trucks is that they are well equipped with cabinets and tool boxes whereby valuable tools during the transport, can be safely kept safely in storage. There are barrel racks that are mounted on top so that foam materials and products stay safe during job-to-job transit.

Easy set up

There are hose hinged hangers that allow for quicker wrap ups at the end of the day and even quicker set ups when companies are beginning work. Air regulators and dryers are installed so that any kind of moisture containment that is unwanted is eliminated. Pump tubes for storage have been installed so that transit barrel pumps are protected when not being used. Protection of personal equipment along with safety equipment, besides other supplies is included for compliance with the OSHA. Hose door, door for side access and ramp door help in accessing easily various foam rig parts while they are being used.