Rigs That Facilitate the Proper Transportation of Spray Equipment

Do you need rigs that are custom designed for material applicators? SprayWorks Equipment willingly takes care of you so that you can deliver the best service to your clients. Our experts build spray foam standard trailers, box trucks and hitches with quality spray foam equipment. Being the experts of the industry SprayWorks Equipment understands the importance of foam rigs and coating rigs just as the projects you prepare for your customers. The trailers and rigs that we manufacture include extra-large trucks and eco-friendly shore-powered trucks.

The specialty of custom rigs

As mentioned before, the equipment is all custom made and includes the structure of a box-truck, standard trailer or a hitch. It can also accommodate a fifth wheel if you feel the need for it. The guidelines followed during the manufacturing process of spray foam rigs are all stringent, and the engineering process aims for high-performance measures. Every device, whether it is an eco-friendly one, a box-truck, a trailer or a Master Series, has a spacious design suitable for high-end production. For maximizing your profit level, the company conducts rigorous tests and extensive research to service you with the most technologically advanced machinery.

Check out the rig specifications

There are four types of spray foam rigs you can choose from to carry your machinery.

  • Custom Rigs: The custom rigs can accommodate any project of any size. The trailer is flexible with large storage capacity and custom specifications. If your projects include large construction projects like roads and bridges where you need to apply high pressure coatings like polyurea, this rig will prove to be perfect.
  • Master Series Rigs: These rigs have already attained the title of being the best spray rig of the industry. It has a complete stock of equipment and polyurea protection on the floor which keeps the machine healthy and running for years. The Master Series is famous for having more material sets and longer heated hoses.
  • Box Trucks: This one offers you a faster assembly facility and comes with an all-in-one truck. If you are a small business owner tending to residential projects where you spray foam insulation on crawl spaces, attics and studs then this truck is the best for you.
  • Eco Series Rigs: Everyone needs to care for the environment, now more than ever, when situations are going out of hand. Built with environmental protection in mind the rigs are available in a variety of sizes and low weight to reduce the overall weight of the truck.

Best in class

With some many facilities and options, you surely don’t need further information to help you make the right choice for your business. If you need further assistance, then contact the number given on the company website where rig specialists are ready to discuss your business needs.

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