The Automated Spraybot:

The Machine that is Revolutionizing
the Spray Foam, Coatings, and Polyurea Industries

It resembles a Mars Rover Robot, except that a spray gun is mounted on this motorized mobile spray machine. Introducing the latest innovation in spray coating equipment: The Spraybot, from Sprayworks Equipment Group.

Jim Davidson, President of Sprayworks Equipment Group, LLC in Canton, Ohio has invented a new automated spray application machine that has been patented as the Spraybot. This roving machine is designed to evenly apply spray foam, polyurea, or other coating materials to roofs, bridges, decks, and other large horizontal surfaces. Interestingly enough, automated spray machines are finding a place in floor-coating industries that require the application of elastomers, polyureas, epoxy, and other types of coating materials.

Watching the Spraybot in operation is reminiscent of something right out of a science fiction movie. Images of Orison Wells’ “War of the Worlds” comes to mind, as a long alien-like black hose, connecting the material to the gun, feeds the machine. Rhythmic clicks and hisses can be heard as the spray-gun quickly oscillates back and forth delivering a wide angle of material to its targeted surface with precision. The Spraybot almost seems to possess intelligence–never missing a beat as it glides onward.  In the path of the Spraybot lays a smooth even carpet of spray-foam, transforming the surface as it moves. It is certainly a marvel of technology with its high-performance, high efficiency and consistent accuracy.

Jim Davidson’s vision was to create an automated spray coating machine that could perform consistently every single time it is used. According to Jim, “Since so much of a company’s profits can quickly vanish through human error, I was determined to create an application process that would provide excellent results for any contractor regardless of his or her level of education or training”. In fact, the Spraybot has performed so well for contractors that some Departments of Transportation, colleges and commercial entities have written it into their specifications.

Improved Production:

Using the spraybot increases production. Unlike its human counterpart, it doesn’t get tired, doesn’t mind working in hot weather or precarious places, and doesn’t need a pay check or health insurance. The Spraybot will not replace the type of workers normally hired for the coatings industries. On the contrary, the Spraybot is designed to be so user-friendly that even a novice can achieve excellent results. What this means for the contractor is a reduction in errors and improved efficiency, which can translate into substantial savings.

Jim explains, “Contractors are seeing a 10% higher material yield, as well as a reduction in the cost of man-hours. Consistent, even application of material is easier to achieve through an automated system since people are affected by more variables. For example, the high frequency of starting and stopping spray equipment throughout each day adds up over the course of the job.

When you have a number of people, each spraying via their own technique, you tend to get a lot of variation in your end product. Each spray-worker interprets the profile of a surface differently, so he or she will spray rises and valleys differently in order to compensate for the variations. The Spraybot applies material to the surface evenly, whether it’s a rise or a valley. The savings realized gives  contractors a competitive edge in that it provides them with sharper bidding opportunities. This way, the savings can be passed on to the customer and/or increase profits by way of repeat business.”

Another consideration is in obtaining material thickness specifications. The Spraybot delivers one clean application at a time as opposed to a crew of workers doing multiple overlapping layers. The average spray crew consists of 4 to 6 individuals. One to two individuals can operate and monitor the Spraybot. That means that more workers are free to engage in other work; thereby, completing the job faster.

Spraybot Features:

The Spraybot entails two DC motors, an on-board generator, an enclosed windscreen assembly, spray-gun mount, and tool box. It features user-friendly controls, an adjustable spray-head mounting device, and speed control options. The spray head can be adjusted to accommodate a wide angled spray pattern, up to 7’ 5”, which is a wider area of coverage than most human beings can achieve. Moreover, it can process approximately 5 to 50 pounds of material per minute and can operate for 8 hours on a single gallon of gas!

Spraybot Overview:

  • Accuracy: Delivers even, consistent
    application of materials, virtually eliminating the common errors associated
    with human applicators.
  • Powerful Design: The Spraybot is made of durable metals
    with grooved solid tires for better traction. The heavy-duty chain-driven spray
    assembly is built for durability.
  • Production: High yield of material and reduction
    of man hours provides contractors with a more competitive edge.
  • Speed: The Spraybot’s speed can be varied to change the amount of material that is delivered to the surface.
  • Flexibility: The spraybot’s sprayer head is adjustable for different spray heights and can be adapted to fit most hand-held spray guns. The pull-pin design makes it easy to disassemble it into four components for transport and quick job-site set ups.
  • Affordability: Contractors report that they are able
    to save a substantial amount of money on their first projects, which enable
    them to recoup their investment for this equipment purchase within the first
    few jobs.
  • Safety: Using the Spraybot eliminates the risk of putting many workers in harm’s way. Fewer people are needed to operate the Spraybot; therefore, crew monitoring is easier.
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Dave Penta is the VP of Sales at SprayWorks Equipment Group. For the past 30+ years, Dave has worked with multiple industries including; commercial and residential buildings, along with spray foam and coatings systems.


  1. I am looking for prices on the spray bot, we are in the SPF business since 1989 in Mexico and have the chance to use one of this equipment for a big job. Please contact me

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