What Are The Different Spray Foam Guns And Their Utilities?

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation, or PMC, is considered to be the topmost trusted manufacturer that has the highest quality parts and equipment. This has also helped in creating solutions saving the time of the contractor. A larger or bigger area can safely be sprayed with the gun moving to several parts like walls, corners, ceilings, and scaffoldings. Some of the characteristics are mentioned below as well what makes them meet expectations.

AP-EX spray gun

This is one of the primary spray foam guns which allow extending the reach of more than ten feet within any given area. They have been designed in a manner that sprays can be done small and large spaces amidst the tallest buildings. These also have greater usability for spraying various kinds of coatings and foam. Throughout the stages of testing, it has been found that this gun type reduces coating of the spray time or insulation jobs by thirty percent or more. Hence the contractor is allowed to complete insulation jobs in no time with the help of the spray foam guns.

AP-3 guns

These AP-3 spray foam guns are the most popular guns available in the market and have been designed for delivering ultimate spray application performances. They are ergonomically designed for the fitting that is firm and ultralight. Within trigger and air cylinders, the air ports and short stroked triggers permit powerful and rapid response that ensures full spray pattern with individual shots.

Top quality application

The foam guns change the PCT quickly and provide any mechanic that sprays with a choice for the spray’s changing tip. It can also be sized without having the gun spray disassembled thus allowing a lot of time which can be spent to perfect spraying and skills. They possess consistency and the profiles are aesthetically pleasing, resulting in topmost quality applications.

Exceed requirements

These guns have proven their worth in the field of military and marine applications. After product testing, the guns met and exceeded requirements related to the chemical manufacture and physical properties. There is a check valve that is present for separating a fluid portion from the driver side.

Time-saving and lightening the workload

These guns help at reaching lengths that is twice the length you may have achieved all this while. Besides has also potentially saved a lot of time. Since the greater length areas can be easily reached, this has led to the significant workload reduction.

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