Questions to Ask When Building a Spray Foam Rig

A Spray Foam Rig is a large investment, likely the biggest investment you will make for your spray foam business. Finding the right spray foam rigs for sale that fulfill your insulating business needs can be a daunting task. There are a number of choices to make, when building your rig. Here, we make this step a bit easier by narrowing down the most important aspects of a spray foam insulation rig.

What kind of spray foam trailer will I get?

Unless you’re working on large commercial projects, a 16 foot spray foam trailer or box truck is completely sufficient for spraying foam for residential insulation, slabjacking, or other residential needs. Oftentimes, when working in a residential area, one or two sets of foam will suffice. A 16 foot rig is plenty of space for these types of needs.

When you get into commercial buildings, towers, Polyurea, and structures that are in an obscure location – you will need a bigger machine, more hose length, bigger generator, and possibly more sets of foam in order to complete the job without having to go back and forth to your warehouse in a single day. This now requires a longer spray foam trailer or a bigger box truck beyond the standard size. It’s important to communicate how many sets of material you typically go through in a day or when traveling a long distance for a job. Portable Rigs are becoming a popular option, bridging the gap between to DIYer and small project needs.

Lastly, the type of power you use on your rig will impact the size needed. When using shore power, that eliminates the large space needed for a generator.

What machine options do you have available?

There are so many variable needs for spray foam rigs, which is why there are a number of options when it comes to choosing a machine. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How much output do you need?
  • What PSI is required for the material you will use?
  • Do you plan to work on more than just spray foam projects?
  • How large of a space do you typically work on?
  • How many sets of foam do you go through in a day?

Once you answer these questions, a sales person can guide you in the right direction to ensure you get what you need. Alternatively, you can also look up machine manuals to see which option includes all of your needs.

Click here for PMC Machines.

Click here for Graco Machines.

Can I use the spray foam rig for my specified project?

Think in terms of where you currently are, compared to where you want to be in the near future. If you’re currently working on commercial projects, you can easily scale your rig down to work on residential insulation. However, the reverse cannot be easily done without buying new equipment. If you have short term plans to expand from residential insulation to commercial insulation, plan for the latter. If you’re uncertain, there are plenty of areas you can expand within the residential insulation space without going fully into commercial.

Are there warranties with the equipment I am selecting?

Most manufacturers offer a one year warranty on equipment. Graco also has an Extended 10 Year Warranty on the pressure monitoring control hardware. Always ask what warranty your particular machine is covered for and what parts are covered. We work with manufacturers that stand behind their equipment, so we are confident you will have the support you need.

Is training included and what kind of ongoing support do you offer?

Training is important for your new rig. Without the proper training, one mistake can cost you thousands, whether it be by damaged equipment or getting fined by OSHA. Before taking your spray foam rig, make sure you get the proper training to adequately operate the rig.

At SprayWorks, training is always included with your spray foam insulation rig. You can bring your whole team in for training (up to six people) and train in our classroom and fully operational spray foam training room. We also provide ongoing phone support and 24/7 emergency support.

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John Davidson is the VP of Operations at SprayWorks Equipment Group and is an SPFA PCP Certified Roofing and Insulation Installer, Roofing and Insulation Project Manager, and Supplier Rep. With over 30 years of experience in the spray foam and polyurea industry, John brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience. He has worked on commercial and residential buildings, bridges and infrastructure.

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