The Benefits of Using a Barrel Blanket and Insulating Jacket

If you store a spray foam product, it must be maintained at specific temperatures to maintain its optimal state (or be usable at all). As a result, you’ve likely looked into methods of temperature regulation. Chemicals stored during fluctuating ambient temperatures can experience adverse property transformations not ideal for their uses. While the temperature may not feel cold to people, for particular products, dramatic exposure to changes in environmental temperatures are slow to change even one degree of temperature inside the stored containers.

Custom Rig with 3 Barrel Blazers

Because a loss of products that need temperature regulation can be very costly and damaging to a business, many look into investing in methods of temperature stabilization. But while there are multiple options out there for temp regulation, they are not all equal in their effectiveness in every situation. In terms of warming industrial-sized product containers and barrels, drum heaters, insulating jackets and barrel blankets are often the premium choice.

So what are some of the benefits of using a barrel blanket and an insulating jacket? Are there any additional methods that work just as well or better to promote produce heating? Let’s run through a few.

Shorter Startup Times Until Use

Heat regulation assistance can help attain the necessary temperature right within the container the product is already in. By applying proper barrel heaters, many products, be it consumable or chemical in nature, can be defrosted, warmed up, or maintained at a stable temperature in order to be used more readily once needed. For instance, spray foam, which needs to be maintained at between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, being transported in a rig during low-temperature months can lose its effectiveness during transport. But by using a blanket heater or an insulation jacket, its temperature can be safely preserved to keep it at its premium state.


Prevents Freezing

Many products are at risk of freezing or hardening in storage. While some can be defrosted and recover fully, most are likely to be rendered defective. By insulating the storage barrels, products that could be irreparably damaged by freezing no longer need to be at risk of the product being compromised.

Year-Round Operation

If your business utilizes a product that must maintain certain temperatures to be usable, operating during the winter months becomes challenging. Not operating at a capacity of full performance year-round, however, can be seriously detrimental for any business. To avoid significant dips in operation and revenue, businesses engaged with products that require temperature stabilization need to invest in methods of persevering their products at the required state of optimal performance.

By using insulation jackets or heat-retaining barrel blankets, the contents of large storage containers can have their temperatures maintained at a stable rate for hours, even during transport in less than adequate ambient temperatures. This will help keep products from spoiling or achieving undesirable viscosity that could severely impact the operator’s ability from using or selling the product.

Other Heating Methods

Barrel blankets and insulation jackets are great tools for preserving the necessary temperatures of your product, offering coverage for all basic warmness retention needs. However, there are more robust solutions available. Sometimes those basic heating solutions may not be sufficient for every contractor or business. One of the other premier solutions is the Barrel Blazer, which overcomes the big shortcoming of other temperature retention options available on the market, in that it heats the barrel content at the source (from the bottom) where the material is typically pumped from.

It’s important to consider that some products need to be maintained at a higher temperature, while some necessitate limits on how much warmth is applied, using it mostly to maintain product stability. While barrel blanket and insulation jacket products are effective means of preserving a preheated level of temperature for extended time periods, they do not afford the ability to regulate the level of heat applied.

Because heat rises, heating a barrel from the bottom is a more effective method of keeping a product consistently warm. For this reason, a bottom heated solution promotes better overall heating of the product in the container placed on the fully serviceable Barrel Blazer.

Contractors servicing homes and businesses cannot afford to arrive with a defective product, something that is hard to avoid as the temperatures drop. Any delays in heating the product or problems using it due to temperature-based deficiency, can end up costing a contractor time, money, and clients.

While any of the methods is an additional investment for the customer, anyone transporting or storing temperature-sensitive products must ensure the product’s quality in order to foster a good reputation with their customers and be reputable for the fine service they can provide.

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Jim Davidson is the Managing Partner at SprayWorks Equipment Group. He has 40 years of experience in the spray foam industry and has worked alongside many of the industry pioneers. Jim has designed and created industry equipment such as; Spraybot, Barrel Blazer, Roboliner and Polybot - among others.

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