Attention Contractors! Unique Barrel Heater

Barrel BlazerIntroducing the Barrel Blazer, a unique game-changer that will deliver magic for contractors far and wide. At SprayWorks, we are always looking out for contractors, searching for ways to help you improve cost in the manufacturing and processing of spray foam and coating materials. It’s our pleasure to introduce the Barrel Blazer. During fall and winter, the most common tech calls are directly due to weather conditions. When material gets cold in the dead of winter, it begins to thicken in viscosity. This begins a slippery slope, no pun intended. But when contractors attempt to process cold material, it creates a domino effect of malfunction. First, the transfer pump may fail to deliver material to the machine at the appropriate time or rate, then the machines goes off ration causing pressure sensors to shut down the machine. Next, error codes may arise, the spray gun may cross over and applicators spray a bad shot of material. During this debacle, the clock is ticking, but no production is taking place which means you may be losing money too. Depending on the particular projects contractors may be working on, it could have serious ramifications to meeting project delivery deadlines. The Barrel Blazer is an ideal alternative to an insulation blanket.

While there are numerous types of heat wrapping devices available on the market, none of the options provide heat at the source, the origin of the problem. Here comes the knight in shining armor, the Barrel Blazer safely heats your material at the bottom of the drum, the place where the materials are being pumped from. Using the Barrel Blazer is just the perfect solution for contractors. You will undoubtedly get great value from the Barrel Blazer, it would mean more time working on your projects, not more time trying to figure out problems. The Barrel Blazer units are also fully serviceable; they are also available with heating element options providing you with more options for products that need higher drum temperatures. It’s also important to note that the Barrel Blazer heating units are far from a one-trick pony, the units are also responsible for fully securing the barrels. They are also compatible with most drum transport systems on the market. This is great news for contractors everywhere, when other heat wrapping devices fail, there is now a viable solution. Contractors will no longer be stuck since they can’t get the devices repaired quickly enough. The Barrel Blazer is an awesome barrel heater and barrel blanket.

If you need more reasons to invest in the Barrel Blazer, there are extra value added benefits. During use, heat rises from the bottom of the drum to the top, hence slowly agitating the material and preventing compromise of the material. You will find that the Barrel Blazer heating system will immediately start delivering a return on investment because it will not only save you costly downtime, but also help boost delta T’s performance – decreasing the load exerted on primary heaters of the spray foam machine or whatever polyurea machine utilized. Accordingly, using the Barrel Blazer also results in higher overall yield gain – saving you money from lost product. Getting the Barrel Blazer is terrific value for contractors, there’s no better drum heater on the market.

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